About Us

Sip & Melt is the first monthly subscription box service to expertly pair world coffee and chocolate together. The focus of a pairing is centered on exploration and discovery. Both products are incredibly complex in flavor independently, but when paired together, can provide a deliciously unique flavor combination.

Choose Excellence

We source small batch coffee roasters and artisan chocolate makers for their quality products. Our skilled curators then creatively pair together individual coffees and chocolates based upon both similar and contrasting characteristics of aroma, flavor, and texture.  

In each box, we provide the necessary tools for you to learn how to properly prepare and taste your chocolate and coffee combinations, materials to document your unique findings, and the story behind each coffee and chocolate bar we send.

As you progress into your membership, the pairings become more complex, allowing the subscriber to expand their coffee and chocolate palate, and discover the tastiest combinations.

How It Works

A monthly subscription box of delicious coffee
and chocolate delivered directly to your door

Meet Our Nonprofit

Grounds for Health


For over twenty years, Grounds for Health has been dedicated to a world in which all women are protected by the threat of cervical cancer through timely and high quality prevention services.

To date, Grounds for Health efforts have resulted in more than 72,000 women screened for cervical cancer, more than 5,200 women treated and 460+ community healthcare providers trained. Grounds for Health aspires to be on the cutting edge of innovations that will transform cervical cancer prevention at scale.

Think About This

Over 70% of the coffee workforce that picked, sorted, and processed your coffee beans are women in developing countries. And over 80% of women in the world diagnosed with cervical cancer live in developing countries.

Women in developing nations are no more susceptible to cancer than their sisters in first world countries—but they simply do not have access to prevention


While there is no connection between coffee and cervical cancer, the answer lies in prevention Cervical cancer is a treatable cancer, if caught early. In fact, if every woman were screened just once in her lifetime, global cancer rates would drop by 30%; screened twice, rates drop by 60%!

With programs in Kenya, Ethiopia and Peru, Grounds for Health hopes to screen at least 17,000 and treat 1,900+ women in 2017.


For every subscription box sold, we will donate $1 to Grounds for Health.


So, join us in supporting Grounds for Health in enabling all women to achieve their full potential.


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